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your outsourcing partner
Due to 70 years experience manage to meet the customers satisfaction by
supplying them with equipment through the most efficient ,economical ,and
commitment performance that exceed their expectations

2 hydraulic guillotine shear .
3 hydraulic bending machines one of them CNC.
1 CNC plasma cuting High Definition
1 punching machine.
2 profiling & rolling machine.
2 plasma cutting machine.
1 automatic Astelln cutting system.
1 universal press.
2 mechanical press.
Complete turning workshop equipped with 15 turning, milling& dn11ing machine.
2 5 MIG. welding machines .

TANTA MOTORS (Aboufreikha) Now runs three facilities (factories) with total area 20,000 sq. meters -13000 sq. meters covered-with more than 250 employees working in the industrial development sector for one shift with TANTA MOTORS (Aboufreikha) industrial activity is divided into two main streams
  • The agriculture equipment (serviced by two factories)
  • The air conditioning and ventilation equipment and systems (HVAC) (serviced by one factory)
TANTA MOTORS (Aboufreikha) Starts with very few and mostly handy-tools, now our factories are equipped with the most advanced machine technology with computerized control, used by well-educated and continuously trained technicians to meet the mostly high industrial standards nowadays TANTA MOTORS (Aboufreikha) has a long history of trading and manufacturing of agricultural equipment, so it is not a coincidence to be the biggest manufacturer for the agriculture machinery with no. 1 market share in Egypt.

TANTA MOTORS (Aboufreikha) Beliefs that the product quality is the easiest way
to be a worldwide manufacturer by satisfying customer quality requirement and
even goes beyond.
TANTA MOTORS (Aboufreikha)) fully study each product and find the best way to
improve the design and the manufacturing process through its strong technical
office driven by well educated and continuously trained staff using the most up to
date design and drawing soft ware, consequently leads to cost reduction and end
product best quality.
TANTA MOTORS (Aboufreikha) professional quality control division grant that the
quality inspection process through the production procedure fulfill the specified
requirements for each component and the final product


Egypt has been amongst the top 10 reformers in the annual (doing business report),
which is jointly produced by the World Bank and IFC for the fourth time in five years
Competitive cost structure
Businesses relocating in search for competitive cost -structures have chosen Egypt
as the most attractive gate away to serve the market of North America, Europe,
Africa, and the Middle East
Egypt is also one of the most open
and dynamic economies among
emerging markets with real GDP
gross averaging 7% between 2005
and 2008 , and is expected to
exceed 5% in the FY 2009/2010
despite the current global
economic conditions.
• European free trade agreement
• Comessa free trade agreement
• Arab countries free trade agreement